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Our oceans...

85% of Australians live near the coast and we love our coastal lifestyle where we can fish, swim, surf, sail and dive. With so much developement along this thin coastal strip there is tremendous pressure on our mangrove, estuarine and coastal marine habitats.

Many areas within Australian waters are also over-fished and several species are in decline (such as the Grey Nurse Shark and Black Cod) and listed as critically endangered.

It i time to take a new look at our oceans and how we can conserve the bio-diversity found there... before it's too late.

What you can do...Edit

  • Support moves for more Marine Sanctuaries around Australia's coastline. Write to Premiers of each state to voice your concerns and to demand that critical habitats of threatened marine species be fully protected.
  • Never buy shells, starfish, urchins, etc as souvenirs. Saying 'No' to such items will send a clear message that the trade in marine organisims taken from the wild for ornaments is unacceptable.
  • Learn which fish to buy at the fish markets that come from sustainable fisheries. Some species (sch as 'Orange Roughy' or 'Sea Perch') are close to extinction due to over-exploitation. Say 'no' to imported fish as they are often taken from unsustainable fisheries or are caught by damaging fishing methods. Contact Australian Marine Conservation Society on 1800 066 299 for a free pocket guide.
  • When visiting our fragile marine eco-systems such as mangroves, rock platforms and reefs, please tread lightly and always abide by bag limits and size limits when fishing.
  • Learn more about your local marine environments, what threats they face, and learn how you can help to conserve it.
  • Join a marine conservation group and do something to help preserve our coastal and marine environments for future generations.


OCCI meets monthly to discuss marine issues and projects. You are always welcome to attend our meetings, to voice your concerns on local marine issues, to offer ideas/assistance or simply to listen.

On going educaion of members is also a feature of OCCI and we have occasional guest speakers and excursions.

If you care about our precious Coast, please join us. Annual membership costs only $15 for an individual or $20 for a family. To become a member download and complete the membership form (Microsoft Word Document or Rich Text Format).